concept-ward02Concept & Create

It’s not unusual for a client to come to us with nothing but an idea or a need.  Some might come with just a simple napkin sketch of the custom piece.  It doesn’t matter, with a combined 50+ years in the business, our Design department’s expertise lies in taking your idea from concept to reality. The first step is to understand how the piece will ultimately be used: Does it need to be easily transported and/or shipped? Is it to be a permanently displayed piece or will it be used only several times a year for special events? If it is a display unit, what are the measurements of the items it will hold? Do you have color or finish preferences?

Our staff painstakingly considers and addresses each & every single detail for your project to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your project and you have a comfort level that meets your needs & desires. Once we have our grip around your project, we will then start to design, illustrate and sometime even build miniatures of our proposed solution.  Our creative staff is unparalleled in their skill, experience & expertise and will work day & night to come up with the best solution, for the right price.

Ward09Construct & Complete

Now, the real magic begins.  The first step: Our designers develop scale shop drawings, scenic paint examples and other visual tools, which will be used to fabricate your project. Next, our scenic carpenters, painters, sculptors and artisans will turn your concept into a reality.   All of our artisans use state of the art technology, which is coupled with over twenty-five years scenic design and fabrication experience, to create the highest quality products.

To see examples of MDM’s various styles of custom metal, wood, Plexiglas, and foam fabrication, please visit our Construct section.  For more information on each project, please visit our series of Project Profiles.