Our Story

Every fall, MDM Display and Design Services, Inc.’s Holiday Decor Installation department has numerous installations taking place simultaneously in locations around the country. Beginning preparations in June, our expertise in strategic planning and logistics execution allows us to successfully facilitate projects for multiple clients all needing their decor set up over the course of a few short weeks, typically from late Oct. to mid-November. Once completed, MDM can also be contracted to provide service and support to maintain a top quality presentation throughout the heavily trafficked holiday season. As the holidays wind down, the MDM team returns to each customer’s property during an even shorter time frame to strike their decor and prepare it for storage. During the off-season, MDM offers decor storage, maintenance, and refurbishing at our Port Richey warehouse for clients in need of those services. To see examples of MDM’s holiday decor installations, please visit our photo gallery.

IP icepalace dressed lg tree view